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Published 12 February 2021

I’m a member of Camden Mens Shed and hope my lockdown substitute activity master plan may help a bit.

1. The work I had to drop at the Shed when lockdown kicked in, a hatstand ordered by a local shop. Wood-turning is my thing, really.
2. My first piece of marquetry last March, from a kit ordered online
3. A more recent piece, pirated from an online gallery of stained glass.

I did marquetry a bit when I was a kid and it occurred to me to look again. If you love wood, it’s the perfect medium for home. Tiny space, no mess and VERY time-consuming, which ticks a lot of boxes. Plus, all you need is some veneer, 6mm MDF base board (A4 is OK), a craft knife (actually a scalpel is best), 10 mm masking tape, wood glue, maybe carbon paper and sandpaper. Oh, and if you can run to a magnifying bracket lamp, it helps a lot. Google “Marquetry” and you’re away.. It does require a steady hand, very careful cutting and patience. But the rewards are well worth it.

I think once you get going on cutting and sticking down your first pieces you find your own best way of doing it. When you can cut pieces against each other, that’s ideal. And when you progress, cutting out from what you’ve already laid down is the safest way ( I can handle down to 2-3 mm, now).

I think this stuff takes you from just crafts into the realm of arts and crafts. Have a look at the pics, give it a try if you fancy it, and if you want any more tips, feel free to get in touch!

Chris Bearne

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