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Published 13 October 2021

Let’s celebrate Men, Men’s Sheds and Movember!

Friday 19th November is International Men’s Day and what better way to celebrate the end of Lockdown, Men’s Health and Wellbeing than joining our challenge to build, make, paint, create something celebrating something all things Men and Men’s Sheds.

You make it and we will promote it (so long as it does not break the watershed).  

There are so many ideas from a respectful creation of art to a sculpture of something that would remind people to get their prostate checked.  

Here is the first attempt of Charlie, our Chief Officer – surely you can all do better than this…. and clearly he is not going for the classy!

You could recreate the Shed re-opening after Lockdowns, A wooden moustache for Movember, A life-size Lego Man for your Shed, A new sign for your Shed, A representation of Man or Man Stuff!

Be brave, be positive, be funny if you want – even risky – let’s use this year’s International Men’s Day to spread the word about Men’s Sheds, support Movember and celebrate Your Shed being open!

See who can come up with the best ideas in your Shed, even have competition across your Shedders!

When you know what you are doing – let us know you are going to be involved!

Learn More about Movember HERE

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