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Published 9 November 2020

Here at UK Men’s Sheds Association, we’ll soon be taking delivery of our own custom printed stickers and banners from Fast Labels. The materials will help to raise awareness of Men’s Sheds and the life-changing impact they can have on nurturing “Happy and Healthy Men”.

With 2020 being such a turbulent year and with England stuck in lockdown once again, our aim to raise awareness of the social and health benefits of Men’s Sheds in reducing isolation, loneliness has never been more important. We hope that our new stickers and banners will really help to spread this message and encourage men to connect, converse and create.

Our stickers from Fast Labels will be printed on waterproof polypropylene but the company are also able to provide a whole host of other stickers, including clear window stickers, metallic stickers and textured paper labels. We provided Fast Labels with our own artwork, but thanks to the company’s in-house design team they’re able to offer a free bespoke design service, allowing companies and charities like us to completely customise our print materials.

More information about the products Fast Labels offer can be found here:

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