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Published 10 December 2020

It can be such a faff getting Christmas gifts for guys!  Don’t worry we’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

If the guy in your life is a practical sort (maybe more-so if he’s not to be fair!) here are some perfect Christmas gift recommendations put together by a fine panel of  awesome blokes from UK Men’s Sheds.

We’re great fans of the BBC One’s The repair shop get your man a copy of their book The Repair Shop: A Make Do and Mend Handbook you can get it from Hive we love that they support local bookshops.

Perhaps the lad has a sweet tooth? Subtly remind him there are some D.I.Y jobs that need doing in your own special loving Christmassy way…

Chocolate Toolbox 

Try this snazzy little bit of decor for his man cave! It’s for the outside just in case you’re a lady and you’re not allowed in… Merry Christmas to you too!

A moustache doormat for a Shed 

Sticking with cool Man cave / Shed ideas how about this thoughtful little cast iron beauty! a blast from a simpler past!

Novelty hammer bottle opener 

What man doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ beer whilst pottering about pursuing ‘manly’ activities! Get him some beer socks or anything beer themed for that matter! You can thank us later!

Beer socks / beer-themed frivolities!

A great gift for the guy who wants to get really hands on!

Forge your own Barbeque Tool 

The way to a man’s heart is with a personalised hammer, duh!
Get shopping!!

Personalised Hammer

Perhaps monsieur, (in light of recent developments) has become extremely thrifty… Rather than paying to get your broken gadgets fixed e.g cracked phone screen, get him this instead!

Electronics Toolkit   [ Here’s a two-fer! Get the fella this useful up-cycling book whilst supporting independent bookshops simultaneously.

Upcycling Outdoors book  

Men’s Sheds are famed for our love of tea! If your man is a Shedder get him a teapot that will make him a hero at his Men’s Shed! Get a teapot that stays hot and generates funding for UK Men’s Sheds if you shop using EasyFundraising.

Teapot… yes, really!

On a more practical note, how about a magnetic screw holder to prevent screws being dropped on the floor? One for the true tinkerer

Magnetic Screw Holder

The Ultimate Geek Pen 

Little known fact is that men love the idea of multi-tasking (of course only women can) but he’ll love this Christmas gift!

Finally, you won’t get a lot of points for this one in the short term but he’ll thank you for it later. Notebooks––day to a page, he probably needs this but wouldn’t get it for himself…

Try one or more of these gifts and let us know how you get on our social media!

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