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Published 13 September 2021

First things first…did you know that we have a Men’s Sheds Volunteer Ambassador Programme?

  • Well… we do! We think there’s nobody more inspiring than those who have done it for themselves and their communities. Our volunteer Ambassadors are experienced Shedders who have a track record in setting up safe and sustainable Sheds. Our volunteer Ambassadors support others to do the same.

Who can become an Ambassador?

  • If you have been involved in setting up or running your own Shed then you could become an Ambassador. You’ll enjoy supporting people, promoting the Shed Movement and sharing your knowledge and expertise. Any gender welcome.

So… what do Ambassadors do?

  • The most important thing our Ambassadors do is to give confidence to Sheds. They are a Shed’s local friend! Ambassadors offer support and information to Sheds to help them overcome any common (or weird and wonderful!) challenges they may face. Our Ambassadors are the ones who are out there shouting about the benefits of Sheds and inspiring others to start them.

But what kinds of things do the Ambassadors actually get up to?

  • All kinds! This month we have Graham Gowman supporting a group of Shedders in Sholing, Southhampton to hold their first meeting together as a newly formed Shed, Simon Rouse in Shopshire giving talks to the WI and Rotary about Sheds, Derek Bunn from Lincolnshire giving support to get a Shed up and running in Doncaster, Pat Cooke from Devon connecting a Shed in Plymouth with people in the community to find a new premises, Alan Page and Henry Gowman talking about Sheds in a mental health seminar for the Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary, Geoff Allison preparing to give a talk to a Carers Scotland group about the benefits of Sheds… and the list goes on!

If these sound like things you’d be good at then think about joining us as a Men’s Shed Ambassador!

Sounds like fun! Why else would I want to become a volunteer?

• Be recognised as a valued and supported Men’s Sheds team member
• Travel in your local area meeting Shedders and members of your community (we’ll cover your travel expenses and give you a snazzy polo shirt to wear)
• Develop your skills and existing knowledge 
• Give something back to other Shedders if your own Shed has had a positive impact on your life
• Make a difference by utilising your skills and experience

How can I find out more about becoming a volunteer?

Email directly to arrange a chat and find out more.

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