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Published 15 July 2021

Hi, I’m David and I live in a small village called Riccall near York…

I’ve managed relationships and partnerships for almost my whole career with a range of organisations from clubs, voluntary bodies, national and international federations as well as commercial businesses. I love the opportunity of meeting new people, identifying ways to bring them together to develop beneficial partnerships and helping organisations to grow their reach and sustainability.

I’m looking forward to using my knowledge and experience to help the UK Men’s Sheds Association, and its members, continue the fantastic growth that they have experienced over the last few years.  I’ll be trying to get out and meet up with members in their Sheds to better understand their needs which will help me to understand how we can maximise our current partnerships as well as seeing where there might be gaps for new relationships to be created.  In addition, my DIY skills are not too bad but I hope to also pick up some useful hints and tips from our experienced Shedders!

In my spare time, I enjoy most sports and, whilst I can’t maintain some of them to the same level as I used to, I now have the fun of watching my son and daughter compete in the activities they enjoy.  I still try to run three days per week and have recently completed a fundraising challenge for the MND Association.  I’m hoping that with the gradual reduction in restrictions that I will be able to also indulge in my love of travel again, especially as we have a house in France that we’re keen to be able to get to!

I look forward to engaging with Shedders across the country over the coming months to help develop my knowledge.  I will endeavour to give you the best service possible to help you yo get the most out of your Shed experience.  

– David Meli

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