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Published 14 June 2021

Hello I am David and I live in North Buckinghamshire with my wife, two terriers and, occasionally, adult children.

It is very exciting for me to join UK Men’s Sheds Association as Treasurer. Though I am a Chartered Accountant by training I like to think, as so many of us accountants do, that I can do so many more things than just maths and spreadsheets.

In my time I have built walls that are not completely straight, crafted shelves that are not completely true, rewired electrics with only infrequent electric shocks, and plumbed bathrooms with minimal residual water damage.

I take great pride in my enormous collection of useful pieces of wood, vast tins of mismatched nuts and bolts and a plethora of tools purchased on a whim whilst I was supposed to be doing something else.

I have spent most of my corporate career owning and running businesses that provide software to UK banks and building societies and, in my spare time, I have volunteered as auditor or treasurer to a broad range of not-for-profit organisations.

To have the opportunity to help support the development of Men’s Sheds across the UK is a great honour and I hope that I can give and learn a lot.

When I am not adding things up, or tearing things down, I enjoy playing tennis, long-distance walking and vegetable gardening.

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