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Published 14 April 2021

As ‘Shedders’ we’re being constantly told by the experts and family members that we’re in the ‘at-risk group’ in respect of Covid-19 and should therefore isolate.

Our Trustee’s and Management Team decided that if we wanted to reopen our workshop, when government guidelines permit, we needed to produce a comprehensive guide on how to safely manage and control the running of the workshop in these uncertain times. Above all we have to demonstrate to members a duty of care – a commitment to their health and safety – and to consider their wellbeing.

Barry and Richard getting ready to send the plan out to members

It was decided we would communicate our reopening guidance by producing a Covid-19 Action Safety Plan which, once approved by our Trustees, was sent to all our members.

The plan includes the following:

1. Purpose of the Document

2. Covid-19 Safety Plan

3. Booking Procedure for Attending a Workshop Session

4. Cleaning Procedures and Schedule

5. Duty Manager’s Responsibilities (this section will be used for training the DMs)

6. Risk Assessments

7. COSHH Assessments

This plan is a working document and will be reviewed at our monthly Management Meetings and amended accordingly as and when government advice and guidelines are updated.

The document was well received by members and has given them confidence to pre-book a session when we re-open on 21st June.

A copy has also been sent to our insurers, not only for their records but to clearly indicate to them that we take the health and safety of our members seriously. Whilst this document is tailored to meet our requirements, we are happy to Email out copies to those who may be interested –

Kevin Slade

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