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Published 15 September 2020

‘SingSeptember’, is a new outreach and education national campaign, running throughout this month. It’s being put on by our UK Men’s Sheds Association partners; The British Association of Barbershop Singers, (BABS)

BABS, is a charitable organisation with the objective of furthering the education of the general public in any and all aspects of barbershop harmony and singing in the barbershop harmony style. The majority of this work is carried out by 69 member clubs, made up of over 2,000 members across England, Scotland and Wales.

SingSeptember is designed to help with this objective and is a focussed, month-long campaign to educate as many people as possible about this wonderful form of music. Simply put, it is there to spread the word about barbershop singing in Britain.

BABS has partnered with:

  1. Making Music
  2. Music Teacher Magazine
  3. OB1 Theatre Company
  4. The Barbershop Harmony Society
  5. The UK Men’s Sheds Association, and
  6. The Spanish Association of Barbershop Singers

There are loads of different ways for people to get involved in ‘SingSeptember’, whether you want to

  • educate yourself
  • meet some of the best in the business
  • win some prizes
  • simply hang out with ‘barbershoppers’ from your area and have fun.

Amongst the highlights you will find:

  1. Educational sessions about barbershop music, rehearsal techniques, music theory and vocal pedagogy
  2. ‘An evening with’ hangouts with some of the best in the barbershop world
  3. Open rehearsals 
  4. Weekly competitions where you can win prizes!

More information, including a full diary of events, can be found at so we urge you to head on over and check out what’s on offer – there really is something for everyone.

Shanna Wells BABS Director of Marketing and Communications

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