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Published 7 June 2024

The UK Men’s Sheds Association was excited to be invited to the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) Leadership Conference last Sunday 2nd June at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham.

The conference hosted a diverse range of change-makers, leaders, and thinkers from the Muslim community to spend the day pondering the question “Leading Change Together: What Next?” through a series of inspirational speakers, workshops, and panel discussions.   We were kindly welcomed by Zara Mohammed, Secretary General of the MCB, who was keen that we bring our custom-made, flatpack-style Shed to speak to conference attendees about the Shed Movement and listen to their thoughts and experiences about mental health and wellbeing.   Our pop-up Shed was given pride of place in the main conference area and drew great attention!   Throughout the day we had conversations with delegates from around the UK, with wide-ranging professions, and roles within their communities. They spoke openly to us about how important it is to address mental health and promote wellbeing, whether in their workplaces, or community settings such as local mosques.   We heard some emotional stories from those who had lost people they knew to suicide and the understandably devastating impact that had on their families and communities.   The day was about inspiration, diversity, resilience, and making change which resonated with us. Sheds are outlets for creativity and sharing skills, but most importantly, they are a vehicle that brings people together to look after each other, the place they live, and the people around them.   UK Men’s Sheds Association CEO, Charlie Bethel said,   “A huge thank you to the Muslim Council of Britain and Zara Mohammed for the invitation and tremendous support our colleagues received in Edgbaston. There has been tremendous engagement since the event and we are committed to building on working with the MCB to support the Muslim community across the United Kingdom. ”
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