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Published 22 December 2021

We have become aware of some Sheds experiencing disquiet and agitation for a while now following Sheds reopening. We have spoken at length with some Shed Leaders on this subject and feel that one thing we could do to help is provide you with some messaging that could go on your walls if you feel it is helpful.

We recognise people have been on their own during lockdowns and being in a social Shed setting may subconsciously be a challenge. It is also an uncertain time for many with the Government’s Plan B coming in to force in England and other preventative measures being put in to place in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. This is compounded by discussions on whether Shedders should wear masks in the Shed or have vaccines, etc. There is perhaps a Covid Blues and it is not necessarily the case in all Sheds, but it is being reported to us.

In most of the cases we have heard about it is helpful if people can reflect and we will also look to see if there is something we can do around mindfulness in the new year.

This may not be useful for you particularly, but hopefully it will help some.

Season’s greetings and best wishes,

Charlie Bethel

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