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Meet an ambassador from an unusual Shed

Hi, my name is Chris Morgan.

I served 24 years in the Army, a Gunner in the Royal Artillery both as a regular soldier and in the reserves. In 2002 I suffered a breakdown after losing my wife to cancer. The breakdown led to quite severe mental health issues. Today it would have been diagnosed as PTSD.  I am still on medication today but have learnt to manage the condition.

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Protecting Sheds from theft

SmartWater and UK Men’s Sheds Association have teamed up to look at how Sheds can better protect themselves.  As with many of these things, prevention is the best medicine and Smart Water has the experience and reputation to help keep your equipment safer.

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International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day is on Thursday 19 November and marks the tenth anniversary of it being part of the national calendar in the UK. Way back in 2010, a few hardy souls got to together in Brighton and decided to take up the challenge of making it an event here. Just as it had been in other parts of the world since it was revived in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago.

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