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Patron’s Corner July 2020

Hello everyone!
I found out recently that this year’s Woodworking Show, due to take place at the North of England Show ground in Harrogate this year, was cancelled. I was going to be working with Tormek and BriMarc Tools again. I am gutted, not only because it’s cool to hang out with all the amazing exhibitors, but also members of the public and the Maker community too. I will miss you all but look forward to 2021 when, hopefully, we will finally be able to meet again.

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Gardening for Health

Gardening is one of the country’s favourite pass times. Sometimes it’s a group activity, often in can be in the quietness of ones own company. It’s very nature, active, outdoors, away from life’s usual stresses is therapeutic. Many members within the Men’s Shed movement are active gardeners, some like me, were professional gardeners. I have always been keen to share the message of the benefits of contact with nature. It could be rock climbing, it could be surfing. I am much less up supple now for those things. It could, like me still be gardening.

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Fundraising without the effort!

In case you missed the easyfundraising session at last weeks ShedFest, don’t forget you can register your Shed and start raising free money too. As mentioned in the session easyfundraising is an online shopping website that fits in very well with other fundraising activities and will run along in the background with very little effort required. Dalbeattie Shed have raised nearly £200! Just let your Shedders and other supporters in the community know that they can support you when they shop online without it costing them a penny! For more information visit here

Thank you ShedFest 2020!

Lockdown provided a real challenge to our preparations for ShedFest this year and we had to ask: 

Could we host it? What would it look like? What would work? What do people want to know and how do we keep it interesting for everyone?
Thanks to the support of the Trustees, Staff, Ambassadors, Shedders and many of our partners we were able to provide a balanced programme, hopefully with something for everyone. In actual fact our audience went much further than we originally anticipated including New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Germany and the US including the British Isles. We’ve had several contacts since with people wanting to engage more and share our work.

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Meet the Ambassador

I answered the call to be an Ambassador when the idea was first suggested by the UK Men’s Shed Association. As I felt that having learnt from the school of hard knocks how to create a Shed from scratch, I could pass on my wisdom or not, to others. Little did I know where this would lead!  

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Get 5% OFF all orders!

Peter Sefton and the Furniture School made a special offer for Shedders at ShedFest 2020.
Get 5% OFF all orders @woodworkersworkshop using the code ‘shedfest2020’.Quality tools from the finest brands including; Armor Tool, Ashley Iles, Clifton, FastCap, Fisher, iGaging, INCRA, JessEm, Micro Jig, Narex, PantoRouter, Woodpeckers, WoodRiver, Veritas and own brand AUKTools.Plus, FREE UK Delivery on all orders over £30 within the UK Mainland, Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands & Scottish Islands. Subject to terms and conditions The offer ends at Midnight 31st July 2020.