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Information and Resources

Helpful information, templates, and examples for use when starting and managing a Men’s Shed.


These resources are available to everyone. [Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign-up for a membership and access all our resources.]

Start a Shed

Use our easy reference guide and checklist to understand the typical activities involved in starting a Men’s Shed and get useful tips

Finding a Shed Premises

Our guide to finding the right premises for your Shed, so you can start Shedding.

Safety & Risk Management

Simple tools and templates to help you put safety first in your Shed and continue to manage risks.

Health and Wellbeing Resources

Guides to support the health and well-being of Shedders within your Shed, along with a list of other places to look for resources on specific health conditions.



These resources are available to Shed members only. [Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign-up for a membership and access all our resources.]


Templates and examples for managing your Shed’s memberships, including disclaimers for new and renewing members and an example Code of Conduct.

Becoming a Charity

Information, advice and example documents for if or when your Shed decides to become a charity or other type of organisation.

Finance & Governance

Information, templates and best practice examples for your Shed’s Management Committee or Trustees in governing the Shed’s finances and procedures.


Help in understanding the various insurance products relevant to your Shed and tips to help your Shed become more insurable.

Income Generation & Fundraising

Tips and advice on earning income and saving costs to keep your Shed sustainable and some helpful guidance on applying for funding.

Promoting your Shed

Tips and templates for promoting your Shed to attract new members and support from individuals and businesses in your local community.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Tips and templates to help you measure the success of your Shed and set you up with valuable information that can help you to secure funding and support.

Data Protection (the GDPR)

Guides and templates giving you everything you need to create robust data protection procedures in line with best practice and compliant with the GDPR.



The documents in this resource library are provided by UK Men’s Sheds Association for general interest on the given topic and not intended to apply to specific circumstances. They do not claim to be a comprehensive breakdown of all matters relevant to the subject matter and not all of the information will be relevant to every Shed’s journey. You should not, under any circumstance, regard the information as constituting legal advice and it should not be relied on as such. In relation to specific problems, users are advised to seek professional advice.


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