Helpful Health Resource Links

We know that there are a number of health conditions which Sheds encounter within their membership. Sometimes knowing a little more is helpful to offering support, or even just signposting someone to others who have more in depth knowledge.

If you’re looking for information and advice about health conditions for either yourself, or someone in your Shed, take a look below.

Alzheimers UK

Resources for Dementia-friendly organisations

Arthritis Action

British Heart Foundation

Booklets and Guides
Learn how to save a life

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably)

How to Sleep

The complete guide to insomnia

MIND (Mental Health)

Helping someone else
Types of mental health problems

Parkinson’s UK

What is Parkinson’s?
Caring for someone with Parkinson’s

London Doctor’s Clinic (blood tests)

Young Person Guide to High Blood Pressure

Prostate Cancer UK

Stroke Association

What is a stroke?

Zero Suicide Alliance

FREE online suicide prevention training

To search a variety of other health conditions, visit nhs.uk/conditions

Missing something helpful?

If you have any suggestions of any other links we can share, please email admin@ukmsa.org.uk to tell us!