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ShedFest 2018 Workshops

ShedFest 2018 has a number of workshops planned to support Sheds to thrive. See below for the descriptions of the workshops taking place at ShedFest 2018. Based on demand, we will duplicate two workshops. Places are limited in workshops, so don’t forget to book your spaces by contacting our Membership and Support Officer, Laura Winkley, on 0300 772 9626, or email
  • Is your Shed safe?
    This session takes a pragmatic approach to solutions in your Shed for extraction.  It will consider risk and will look at extraction solutions for both small and large Sheds. The session will also look briefly at other areas of workshop safety including PAT testing solutions and managing risk.
  • What is a Social prescription and can they work for us?
    With ever increasing demands on our health service, are Men’s Sheds the solution for a healthy country.  How might Men’s Sheds become a service for GPs and become as common as a prescription as antibiotics.
  • How can your Shed be future proofed?
    This session will first look at the key factors in managing Sheds and how to create succession plans to protect the nature of your Sheds.  The session will also consider how to manage growth in the Shed to retain your culture.  This session leads perfectly in to the workshop on managing referrals and differentiation.
  • What’s your story?
    This session will look at different routes to get your Shed known in the community and further-a-field.  A practical guide to social media, the various channels available.  This workshop will help you find your story and how you might tell it.  This session will include how to use statistics to tell your story.
  • Should fundraising be the last option for Sheds?
    A discussion on a mixed economy of income generation for Sheds, investigating where UKMSA might coordinate joint initiatives in making Sheds sustainable without impacting on the nature of the Shed.  This workshop will also detail current plans to support income generation.
  • How do you manage referrals and differentiate in the workshop?
    How do you manage the surge in referrals and requests from health bodies and social services without impacting on the culture and nature of your Shed?  This workshop considers solutions in place and how to make sure everyone can enjoy the Shed experience to the full.  It will also look at different approaches to supporting people with additional needs.
  • What do you want UKMSA to be?
    UKMSA will constantly evolve to support the evolving Shed movement.  This workshop provides an opportunity to positively input in to the future of UKMSA and how we can help you now and in the future.

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