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ShedFest 2019 Workshops

This year workshops will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.
Announcements about the workshops will be made in the exhibition hall to give you a warning to head to the workshops you’d like to get involved in.
Please see below for details of the workshops taking place during the day.

Workshops 1-3 are taking place simultaneously at 11.15am – 12.10pm –

Workshop 1 – Generating income, a different way

This session is being led from experts from Triton Tools and BJL Ltd., an advertising and marketing agency who work with, amongst other brands, Ronseal. They will present a different approach to raising funds for your Shed and benefiting the local community. Ronseal have worked with the Boiler Room Shed in Manchester in the development of a DIY course. Adrian will specifically talk about his products and how he has effectively taken them to market in his local community.

Led by Julie Chadwick, BJL Ltd. with Adrian Broadhead, Triton Tools

Workshop 2 – Sustainability in Sheds, Shared ownership

This session will explore how to identify roles within a Shed and to share the load when running a Shed. John Jarvis and Elise Cook, newly recruited Trustees of UKMSA, come with years of experience in HR and Leadership which they will impart in this workshop. Patrick Abrahams will bring his experiences from Frome Shed as its management transitioned.

Led by John Jarvis with Elise Cook and Patrick Abrahams

Workshop 3 – Connecting with your community

Do you meaningfully engage with your local community, is this a partnership or a one way relationship? This session is being led by Shedders.

Led by Geoff Alison with Chris Lee

Workshops 4-6 are taking place simultaneoulsy at 1pm to 1.55pm –

Workshop 4 – Health and safety in the workshop

Practical ways of working in your workshop to support a safe working environment. A workshop drawing on the experience of Shedders and Industry experts. This session is being delivered by the International Boatbuilding Training College who deliver courses in a variety of areas including safe practice in the workshop. They have also been engaged with their local Shed. Martin brings many years experience with his Shed in Dunstable.

Led by Mike Tupper with Martin Young

Workshop 5 – Managing Social Prescriptions

What is Social Prescribing, what it isn’t and how to manage it in your Shed. This session explores what a Shed should expect from a responsible referrer and provides an opportunity to discuss the experiences of Shedders. This session is being led by Shedders and Christine who is a Social Prescribing Manager from Brightlife Cheshire.

Led by Christine Mcmahon with Paul Egerton and Colin Porter

Workshop 6 – Why consider becoming a charity and reporting made easy

This workshop discusses why you might you want to be a charity and register with the Charities Commission. It will consider the benefits and how much work is really involved. For those who are charties, we offer a reporting system that converts your accounts to the reporting requirments of the Charities Commission at the push of a button. This session is being led by Shedders.

Led by Mark Lindsey with John Latchford

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