Support Us

Without the kindness and generosity of people like you, we’d never achieve our mission.

There’s lots of ways you can get involved and support us – from volunteering to engage communities and raising awareness in your local area, to helping us at events or taking part in sporting events to fundraise for us.


We’re a small charity, so we’re always looking for volunteers to help us get closer to achieving our mission. There’s lots that volunteers can do to help us, but here are some of the main things we need help with:

  • Engaging communities, by raising awareness locally, inspiring people to start or get involved in the management of Men’s Sheds.
  • Promoting the Men’s Sheds movement so that every man knows what they are and where to find one.
  • Moderating our forum to ensure our online community stays safe and users are respecting one another.
  • Organising events to give Shedders across the UK a chance to meet and mingle.


We don’t receive funds from the government and are constantly fundraising to resource our activities in support of our mission. There’s lots of ways you can help us. You can:

  • Take on a challenge, like a 5k fun run, organised walk or even a skydive!
  • Request a donation box to collect donations in your local area.
  • donate here.
  • Ask your friends and family to donate to UK Men’s Sheds to celebrate a special event instead of giving gifts.

Whichever way you choose to support us, let us know before you start so we can support you. We can send you materials to help you spread the word too. Email us at admin@ukmsa.org.uk.