Love Sheds? Got a bit of time to spare? Join us as an Ambassador!

First things first…did you know that we have a Men’s Sheds Volunteer Ambassador Programme?

  • Well… we do! We think there’s nobody more inspiring than those who have done it for themselves and their communities. Our volunteer Ambassadors are experienced Shedders who have a track record in setting up safe and sustainable Sheds. Our volunteer Ambassadors support others to do the same.
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Meet an ambassador from an unusual Shed

Hi, my name is Chris Morgan.

I served 24 years in the Army, a Gunner in the Royal Artillery both as a regular soldier and in the reserves. In 2002 I suffered a breakdown after losing my wife to cancer. The breakdown led to quite severe mental health issues. Today it would have been diagnosed as PTSD.  I am still on medication today but have learnt to manage the condition.

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