2020 with Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson is one of the US Men’s Sheds Association Managing Directors

2020 marks the third year of US Men’s Sheds operations in America. We currently have 19 active Men’s Sheds in many states, including Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, Louisiana, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii, with plans to start even more US Sheds this year. 

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2020 with Trevor Scott

MenzShed New Zealand – Chairman – Trevor Scott

I became interested in Men’s Sheds over twelve years ago and travelled to Australia to learn more about them.  Attending conferences and visiting Sheds. On my return, we established the McIver’s Oxford Community Men’s Shed. That was eleven years ago. I have been involved in spreading the word about Men’s Sheds in Canterbury since then.  I have helped to establish a number of Sheds in Canterbury and shared many resources that I have obtained with Sheddies.

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2020 with Charlie Bethel

Charlie Bethel is the Chief Officer for the UK Men’s Sheds Association

Q: What’s your full name and title?
A: Charlie Bethel, Chief Officer

Q: What part of the world are you based in?
A: Nottingham
Editor: Sorry about your footy team mate…Rumor has it FOREST actually stands for Fear Of Relegation Every Saturday Teatime 🙂

Q: Tea or coffee? 
A: Lapsang Souchong Tea
Editor: My my aren’t we fancy…

Q: Guilty pleasure when it comes to fast food? 
A: Bacon, Black pudding and egg cob from the greasy spoon – everywhere is takeaway now!

Q: What’s your favourite film(s)?
A: Star Wars – Angels and Demons – Amazing Grace 

Q: What is your favourite book?
A: Letters of Note – lovely book of inspirational, amusing, fascinating letters

Q: How good of a Maker/ Shedder are you? choose one option below 
A: I’m like a toddler putting on lipstick… but I did make a lovely Christmas Tree from copper pipes – until the kids decorated it!
Editor: Excuses excuses…

Charlie’s Tree.

Q: Besides Shedding what’s your favourite pastime?
A: My wife and children
Editor: Your wife make you say that?

Q: What one thing we’d all be surprised to know about you?
A: I make awesome poached eggs

Q: What makes you laugh?
A: Political satire.

Q: What makes you sad?
A: Anti-societal behaviour, people have so much potential that is diminished by certain behaviours. 

Q: If you were a tool in a Men’s Shed which would you be and why?
A: A pencil because I love to sketch
Editor: So not just ‘the’ tool in the toolshed then?

Q: What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned this year?
A: To remember to use flux when soldering and to go with the flow – things change!

Q: What surprised you the most this year?
A: So many Shedders on Zoom, and my folks managing to get on Zoom on one occasion with the need of a phone call!

Q: Can you summarise what you believe Sheds have learned this year?
A: There is always a way and how to stay in touch with people who can’t make it to the Shed, even when lockdown is all over.

Q: Thinking forward to next year what can Shedders can be optimistic about?
A: Reopening those doors, staying more connected with those unable to attend 

Q: You’ll probably get more socks, but what do you hope you get for Christmas?
A: A lathe – I have a lot of yew and need for wooden bowls!
Editor: Thanks Charlie thank ‘yew’ for being a sport!

2020 with Men’s Sheds CYMRU

Simon Poole, Ben North, Robert Visintainer Chris Southern form the Development Officers.

Wow! At the beginning of this year we were all set here in Wales at Men’s Sheds Cymru, weren’t we? After a really positive 2019, when we’d had our EiShedfod down at Builth Wells in May, the Trebuchet Challenge up at Rhyl in October and our takeover of the Welsh Senedd for International Men’s Day in November! 

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2020 with Mie Møller Nielsen

Mie Møller Nielsen, Deputy Chairman[1]Secretary of the Forum for Mænds Sundhed (Forum for Men’s Health)

I work for Forum for Mænds Sundhed. This organisation was founded in 2014 with an overall purpose to work to improve men’s health through the exchange of knowledge and by participating in activities that focus on men’s health and diseases. Forum for Mænds Sundhed is a partnership with 50 partners and is the working part of Selskab for Mænds Sundhed founded in 2003.

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2020 with Hörður Sturluson

Hörður Sturluson Project Manager [1]Icelandic Red Cross

The Icelandic Red Cross started Men Sheds in Iceland in 2018, the first Shed was open in the spring that year. Now there are total of four Shed open and two more are ready and waiting to open but because of Covid they have not been able to…

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2020 with Doug Mackie

Doug Mackie, Chair, Canadian Men’s Shed Association  [1]

This has been a challenging year for Men Sheds in Canada. At the time of this writing nearly all sheds are completely closed down. There are 37 sheds in 5 provinces and each province has somewhat different regulations as to the number of people who can gather together at any one time. I live alone in Winnipeg in the centre of Canada. No one is allowed into my home. COVID restrictions have closed all 4 Men Sheds here in Winnipeg. No gatherings at all.

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