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The Great Big (not) a Lego Man Challenge

In partnership with Ellandi we want to grow the reach of Men’s Sheds and promote the movement.

This November we are asking Sheds to build a life size (or bigger) Lego style Man. For copyright reasons we are calling it ‘The Great Big Not a Lego Man Challenge’. We are also asking you to make your Man as a famous character from fiction or real life to celebrate the region where you live. You could even create the ‘Not a Lego Man’ as a tribute to one of your fellow Shedders. We do suggest political figures may be best avoided.

We are hoping that at least thirty Sheds will undertake this challenge and Ellandi have agreed to house each of your creations in their shopping centres across the UK. Where the Ellandi Shopping Centres are not local we will work with other organisations and partners to ensure your work gets a prime location.

The creations provide an opportunity to celebrate the movement and men’s health throughout November – they also provide an opportunity to raise funds and develop links with your local shopping centres and retail parks.

What do you need to do?

Discuss the challenge with your Sheds, Complete the sign-up form to tell us you are doing it! Get building.

We will then work with you to find a location for your creation and how we can help you raise money from this as well as exposure.

The beauty of this project is that next year we can do the same and simply re-paint your creation, or add to them. Models must be complete by the end of October 2022.

If you intend to meet the challenge and make a ‘Not a Lego Man’, please send your name, Shed name, telephone and email for the project lead to

Yours sincerely,

Charlie Bethel Chief Officer


Images from our own Charlie Bethel’s Lego man

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