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This isn’t the case for all men, but it is recognised generally across the bereavement sector, that when men are bereaved, they tend to bottle up their emotions which can lead to long term, unresolved grief and mental ill-health.

Such was our concern about the lack of appropriate support for bereaved men, that in 2016 we set up a specific project – Bereavement Support for Men. This was based on activity weekends, with on-going telephone support, recognising that men prefer to be active with their peers and can in the process begin to feel comfortable about talking about their grief with others who have been through a similar experience.

Sadly the pandemic put an end to the project, so we were really excited to hear about Men’s Sheds – the principles are the same and it wasn’t difficult to see how by working together, Men’s Sheds could be an important bridge to support if men needed it.

Sheds have not been established to specifically provide bereavement support but if you have bereaved guys involved in your Shed, how can you help?

The answer is simple- send them to – the most comprehensive hub of bereavement support and information for anyone bereaved in the UK. 

They can easily search using filters to find support from the hundreds of services listed, confident that the details are accurate and up to date, cover the whole of the UK and offer choices from a wide range of support available – Men’s Sheds is listed!

Useful things to read, information and helplines and FREE live-chat counselling service are also available on to help anyone deal with their loss, whatever the circumstances. 

The aim of is to ensure that no one bereaved is left without appropriate support when they need it, so we collaborate widely with others. Whatever the circumstances, there is no need for anyone to feel alone. 

There is help on hand to be found on our website. It’s important we use it to avoid mental health complications arising. So please do signpost the men in your Men’s Shed to for support, information and FREE web counselling.

Author: Jane Woodward, Executive Director of


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