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We are continuously expanding our focus and resources on Health and Wellbeing matters for our Shedders and wider community. We’ve seen the positive impact first-hand that Sheds have had on men and we recognise there’s even more we can do!

Our Wellbeing area is where you’ll find help guides, resources and advice on a range of mental and physical health topics

For Shed Leaders – If you want some ideas about where you could start with Health & Wellbeing in your Men’s Shed, click here to view a list of ideas.

89% decrease in depression since joining Men’s Sheds

An estimated 13728 families are currently benefiting from the great work Men’s Sheds does across the UK. Support us today to ensure we can continue raising this figure.

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There's a lot going on at Men's Sheds so make sure you take it all in. Search for topics, resources and more here:

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