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Published 15 July 2021

Greetings UK Shedders,

I hope you’ll be pleased to hear that after more than two years of sleepless nights and graft, sometimes with help from your good selves, we have formed a charity, found land, and were awarded planning permission

(with restrictions due to an ink pissing ******) and eventually obtained a lease from our council, fund-raised (nearly £26k from several donors and projects), battled with the bank from November ’20 to May ’21 over a Charity account and we are now on the road to building our new workshop.  We had to use a moling company to get 90m of 25mm SWA (steel wire armoured) cable underground to the workshop due to restrictions of no mechanical digging and also the raised “off ground” base.  I hope you’ll excuse my tone, but if we didn’t laugh, we’d give up.  #AllVolunteers here.

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NaSh currently has 14 paid-up members held together with Zoom and string over lockdown.  Other locals are waiting to join, circling like vultures, once we have a finished workshop.  The lucky b*gg**s will have missed all the hard graft… I have learned a lot and met some wonderful people, but I’m sure I’m preaching to the converted.  Fortunately, the job of preparing the ‘official’ press release does not fall on my shoulders 😉

I have attached seven collage images showing what we have achieved so far.  In case you’d like to follow our future progress, the links to our website and social media are below.  I look forward to hearing your own success stories for some time to come.

Shedders don’t give up and NaShers are a particularly tenacious bunch.  Happy Shedding.

Rob Webb
Nettlestone & Seaview Shed

‘NaShers get their teeth into things !’
T: 01983 613693
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